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This is one is sort of like a refresher to help us stay on course and not be diverted by nonwriting silliness of the day. We cover:




time management


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In this episode we explore how intense dark states of behavior are more responsible for creative work than happier times. 


focal points

funny points

final thoughtd

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We outline all the practical, impractical and difficult paths thrown at a modern day writer. Section include:

1. new world of writing

2. the writer's work ethic

3. publishing

4. marketing

5. final word



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In this episode we peek into the roots and dangers of excessive nostalgia in writer's lives. how and when we deal with denial and suppression will decide if we are healthier people and more authentic writers.

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In an effort to help our military members (of all nations) with the important task of writing various reports military style I put together this episode as an useful guide. In it we cover:


1. concise writing/ military editing

2. point paper

3. position paper {food for thought}

4. executive summary

5. military report

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the memoir has become the fastest growing literary device in the past twenty years. in this episode we delve into some history, a few notable examples and the various themes of memoir like:





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Sometimes to be the fullest writer we need to take a step in a direction creative direction.

a. immerse in nonliterary arts like painting, video editing, music

b. explore other genres of writing -- essay, fiction, poem

c. live open as a writer; not closeted and fearful

d. market your work, your self in every possible way

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By sticking with the nuts and bolts of writing too many miss that fact that writing is about heart and soul, it's about risk and it's about living and making connections with yourself, others and the world at large.

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Evidence continues to mount that the arts has a true effect on helping and healing people. In this episode we will reveal some of the finds of:

writing therapy

music therapy

art therapy

And read excerpts from the upcoming book Art That Heals by Pierre Lemarquis (french language only -- for now)


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In this episode we examine the positive uses of solitude in various walks of life, the spiritual, the creative and internal quest.

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the first mailbag episode for 2021 and we cover seven episodes our listeners were dutiful to submit emails about.

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This evening we explore the fascination with nonhuman machines possibly creating art. Are machines living creatures? What is the definition of Art?

This episode will confront these questions through common sense, established logical, historical foundation and a little help from Emerson, Matisse, Picasso, Merton and Kosinski.

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One of the most tragic things in a writer's life is the death of a loved one. This episode shines a light on how to move forward in a healthy and dignified manner. 


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In this episode i provide a basic primer and some tips for putting together your first poetry book.

book size

poetry balance

table of contents


acknowledgements page

author page


the value of getting a book review



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February 10, 2021

S3 E181: Ailments and the Arts

The grave challenge of mental illness has darkened the arts over the centuries; yet other ailments such as asthma, TB, blindness, STD's and others have plagued artists throughout the centuries. We explore this and the backdrop of determination, faith and a lifelong habit of ritual and routine.

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In this episode we explore the decline of passion and imagination in our society and lives and how this came to be and how maybe we can reverse it. 

Segments include:

convenience of society

luxury of technology

decline of values in principles, philosophies and religious faith

civil conduct -- speed of marriage, access to sex, etc.

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This episode is positioned to be a primer or refresher for writers embarking on a new year of creativity. Some of the topics covered involve: guidelines, submissions, journals, interviews, reviews, covid, zoom, and politics.


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First interview of 2021 brings the show to the creative shores of poet & editor (1870 & Heroin Love Songs) -- California-based Jack Henry.

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January 14, 2021

S3 E177: Dream as a Muse

Dreams have been with humanity since the beginning of time. And since earliest recorded history dreams served as a escape value to people in search of answers in a complex world. 

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This episode is more or less my avante garde practice of book review and my melding of the act with my philosophy of more writers willing to review and help other writers.

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In this episode I chat about life and preparation behind the scenes of an average recorded literary podcast.

You can leave feedback for future mailbag episodes @


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in the final episode for 2020 we go to the inspirational and lovely poet Maya Angelou, a full and rich life of a young black girl who went from abused child to presidential poet. 


You can leave feedback for future mailbag episodes @

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This episode is more like a friendly warning against various forces that seek to steal our voice because they are intellectually or morally lazy to question their own. Below are the segment titles for the show:

1. Family

2. Religion

3. Society


You can leave feedback for future mailbag episodes @

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In the third installment we focus on four writers who made the internal pledge to write and publish a major work meant to warn or possibly change the world.


Alexandr Solzhenitstyn -- The Gulag Archipelago

Elie Wiesel -- Night

George Orwell -- `1984

Sun Tzu -- The Art of War


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In the second installment of Germinal Joust, we explore projects meant for singular passion and often sole works of incredible but often tragic literary figures.

Anna Sewell -- Black Beauty

Emily Bronte -- Wuthering Heights

John Kennedy Toole -- A Confederacy of Dunes

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa -- The Leopard

Sylvia Plath -- The Bell Jar

Margaret Mitchell --- Gone With the Wind

J.D. Salinger -- Catcher in the Rye

Ross Lockridge Jr. --Raintree County

Ralph Ellison -- Invisible Man

Boris Pasternak -- Doctor Zhivago

Harper Lee --- To Kill a Mockingbird 

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