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We interview Canadian magazine publisher (Halcyon Days), editor, and writer Monique Berry,

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Again we produced a show detailing the most recent dark uses of language to hurt, deceive or destroy people.


* suboptimal judgment

* birthing person

* chest feeding

* non birthing parent

* human milk

* white fragility

* family


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A detailed interview with poet, composer and drama director Bruce Levine.

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Is religious art -- sacred art?

Are artists who exclusively create religious work -- sacred artists?

Is sacred art really a version of propaganda?


This and many questions about the nature of art, humans and religious are posed for review.

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Stimulating conversation with author and academic SG Ellerhoff.

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Another episode to share email comments about past shows and answer questions about getting a literary agent.

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So much is caught up in Memory -- both Identity and Truth are major factors that pivot on what we remember. I talk about using 30-year-old journals to piece together the past for a painful book.

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A majority of unhappiness stems from not taking responsibility for one's actions or inaction.  We delve into impatience, insecurity, lack of faith, and the time we waste investing in people or places that cannot fulfill our lives.

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Dr. Thomas Reed Willemain is a former academic, software entrepreneur, and intelligence officer. His flash fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in Granfalloon (Canada), Hobart, and Burningword Literary Journal. He is the author of the memoir Working on the Dark Side of the Moon: Life Inside the National Security Agency.  Available on Amazon.

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A short show on a sci-fi cult favorite battlestar Galactica, the classic show and the more modern version.

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In this special interview with chat with writer and guest editor of Granfalloon, Ralph Greco Jr.

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Do we live as we sleep? Or is sleep a period of temporary "dying"?



Cuiltural Intepretations

Restore / Repair / Reprocess


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