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January 14, 2021

S3 E177: Dream as a Muse

Dreams have been with humanity since the beginning of time. And since earliest recorded history dreams served as a escape value to people in search of answers in a complex world. 

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This episode is more or less my avante garde practice of book review and my melding of the act with my philosophy of more writers willing to review and help other writers.

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In this episode I chat about life and preparation behind the scenes of an average recorded literary podcast.

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in the final episode for 2020 we go to the inspirational and lovely poet Maya Angelou, a full and rich life of a young black girl who went from abused child to presidential poet. 


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This episode is more like a friendly warning against various forces that seek to steal our voice because they are intellectually or morally lazy to question their own. Below are the segment titles for the show:

1. Family

2. Religion

3. Society


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In the third installment we focus on four writers who made the internal pledge to write and publish a major work meant to warn or possibly change the world.


Alexandr Solzhenitstyn -- The Gulag Archipelago

Elie Wiesel -- Night

George Orwell -- `1984

Sun Tzu -- The Art of War


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In the second installment of Germinal Joust, we explore projects meant for singular passion and often sole works of incredible but often tragic literary figures.

Anna Sewell -- Black Beauty

Emily Bronte -- Wuthering Heights

John Kennedy Toole -- A Confederacy of Dunes

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa -- The Leopard

Sylvia Plath -- The Bell Jar

Margaret Mitchell --- Gone With the Wind

J.D. Salinger -- Catcher in the Rye

Ross Lockridge Jr. --Raintree County

Ralph Ellison -- Invisible Man

Boris Pasternak -- Doctor Zhivago

Harper Lee --- To Kill a Mockingbird 

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In this three part writing series Germinal Joust will show how different functions and phrases of writing exist in creativity.

called vs adopted --natural and produced talent

time management -- making writing a priority

notes as a valuable creative tool

rituals as devices for comfort and building confidence



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Back again with the spotlight series and this one on the visionary sci-fi tv writer and legend Gene Roddenberry


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On this episode we will discuss the various writers and writings of people either imprisoned for their beliefs and writing from jail or imprisoned for their writings. 

Paul the Apostle

Martin Luther King

O. Henry

Henry David Thoreau

Marco Polo

Vaclav Havel

Marquis de Sade

Oscar Wilde

Nelson Mandela

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In the final mailbag episode of 2020, we showcase more voices from the international community commenting on various episodes.

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An instructive episode of where Self, healthy or otherwise, fits into the creative equation of our lives.

1. Solitiude -- Selfishness

2. Attitude -- Narcissism

3. Platitude -- Achieving Balance 

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In a first this show will interview editors of a literary magazine (Bombfire Lit)

about their publication, editorship, flash fiction and poetry.



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This episode briefs discusses the American avarde garde poetry master John Ashbery.

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This episode focuses on the accomplishments of women in writing:


George Sand

George Eliot

Mary Shelley

Anna Akhmatova

Simone de Beauvoir

Isabel Allende

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Classic Spotlight brings us some thoughts and poems from Nobel Prize winning Mexican poet and writer Octavio Paz


The Man

The Artist

The Meaning

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In this episode we review examples of writing during war time and how depending on station in life, period of time or particular war -- the thoughts and details change to reflect interesting commentary

war writing intro

US Civil War -- letter

WWI -- war godmothers

WWII -- letter

Vietnam -- letter

Writers famous for wartime writing Rod Serling, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Ernest Hemingway, Irene Nemirovsky

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in this episode we have a fascinating discussion with Scottish poet Steve Lang about sonnets, writing, creativity in the corona age and more.

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In this second 'bookend' episode we explore Edgar Allan Poe's demons and ideas about creativity. His self-sabotaging events were a major factor in his suffering.

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Another grounded episode on a topic I hear alot about by writing: does writing have a future? What will that future look like? I attempt to answer a few of this questions in a manner I many might find unusual. 

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In this second installment annually produced I delve into what i have been doing as a writer, especially in this particularly challenging time of Covid, and try to make it relatable on the show to others who might be working or dealing with similiar issues.

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In perhaps my most personal voyage into a writer I explore all that was social and creative in the astounding teleplay, screenplay writer Rod Serling.

We cover in this episode: depression, twilight zone, creativity, planet of the apes and the meaning of prejudice as a root of global calamity.

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In the final mailbag episode in a rough and uncertain year, 2020, we go through some of the email about show and about the journal, Ariel Chart.


Covered are the following topics:

Fantasy in Writing

Keeping a Journal

Dark Side of Guilt




Evil Words

Creativity and Mental Illness




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In one of the most unique episode STBH explores Mark Antony Rossi's innovation micro-writing style (fiction & nonfiction) "Concrete Minimalism."

Intro to Innovation

Fiction Passages

  Philosophy of Rent  

  Waiting Room Madness

  Tampa Bay Tantrum

   I Will Melt the Robots the First Chance I Get



Nonfiction Passages

World Peace Through Intimacy

Modern Forces and the Meaningful Metaphor

Book Review -- Sun and Moon -- Michel Weatherall

Book Review -- Wonderful Wasteland and other natural disasters --

                         Elido La Torre Lagares





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In this episode we briefly examine the good and bad of spoken word poetry. 

Light Side -- test run one's material before an audience

Dark Side -- forget about print and then get forgotten -- yourself

Notes:  post-covid world might have less eating establishments, no movie theatres and folks less willing to be community-oriented, spoken word might need to learn to adapt to a new reality

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