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In this special interview with chat with writer and guest editor of Granfalloon, Ralph Greco Jr.

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Do we live as we sleep? Or is sleep a period of temporary "dying"?



Cuiltural Intepretations

Restore / Repair / Reprocess


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This morning we interview poet, writer, artist and musician (Cold Heaven) Mitchell Flanagan.

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What words we choose to obey often have a negative effect on our thinking, our actions and maybe how we conduct ourselves in a so-called free society.



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When overwhelming desire forces denial people become blind to the basic wrongs in front of their eyes and start believing a fraud.

* weight

* relationships

* religion

* politics

* celebrity


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It's a real pleasure to welcome to the show, New Jersey-born poet, Michael Adubato who works for NATO and resides in Belgium. We chat about military life, world travel and his first poetry book "Missing the Exit"

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One of the bigger struggles of life is finding happiness and keeping it.

We talk about happiness and its connections to:








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We explore reasonable assumptions and theories about alien life beyond earth.


1, Intro

2, Possibility of contact in the past

3, Possibility of contact in the present

4. What does contact mean

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The presence of pain in our lives can be a fountain of inspiration if we learn to accommodate or navigate its effect on our personality

We talk about physical, emotional and psychological instances in the careers of Michelangelo, Munch, Degas, Matisse, Orwell, Klele, Goya and Kahlo.

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What is a true hero in the modern context??


1. The overused word--- hero

2. What is a real hero

3. Adapting heroic elements to make writing more authentic


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Another listener-driven show based on emails sent about episodes that sparked interest or debate.

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Technology in the 21st century has done little to lessen fear and paranoia in society. 


1. Corruption of Narrative

2,. Corruption of Government

3. When Truth is Not a Goal

4. Being Creative in a Dark World

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