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In the final of the lengthier literary episodes I make comment on goals, dreams, plans, work ethic and what we care about most.

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The subjects of shame and guilt are reviewed in this episode to examine how artists living a dishonest life can produce honest art.



Final Word

Edgar Allan Poe

Stephen Crane

Herman Melville


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Heather Cooke. Canadian writer, wrote the essay "Leaving Us: In Loving Memory of Aaron" and the life and premature death of her only son, Aaron. Leaving Us remained #1 on the Top Reader list for Ariel Chart and became is most read nonfiction published work in the history of the journal. 

May this interview give us strength and courage in the darkest times when the seemingly easy paths are actually the hardest choices. And Love and Sacrifice echo the best of the humanity during the least favorable moments. 

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In this episode we will examine forms of PTSD, events and triggers and possible therapies. We will also share some stories of everyday people dealing with trauma and what they did to overcome.

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Another wonderful podcast of inspired listeners asking questions about various shows and topics. Featured are questions on Doubt, Faith and the History of Writing. 

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Brief reflections and thoughts on the life, works and statesmanship of Czech playwright, poet and President, Vaclav Havel.

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