The informative podcast of global arts and affairs from the perspective of writer, editor, traveler, military veteran and podcaster. Supportive. Instructive. Provocative. Hosted and Produced by Mark Antony Rossi. {IVp6 compatible for emerging markets}


In one of our more lengthier episodes I tackle the carelessness of positive writing by pointing out how lighter writing need not be boring, cliched or inconsequential. 



Light vs Lightweight

Honest Renditions of Nature

Inner Life and Family

Making Your Subjects Relevant

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Writers need to invest themselves in their writing or risk producing distant jumbles lacking life. 



Bridging the Distance

Standing Your Ground

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A full show on the subject of literary submission tracking:


Submission Tracking

a. do's and don'ts

b. free software

c. paid software

d adapted software

e. paper and pencil




a. it's purpose

b. built in sub tracking

c. discover research magazines

d. do's and don'ts

e. final word


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In one of our most controversial episodes we take to task writers who instead of being active observers of society become parrots of propaganda and in essence stop being writers. 

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