The informative podcast of global arts and affairs from the perspective of writer, editor, traveler, military veteran and podcaster. Supportive. Instructive. Provocative. Hosted and Produced by Mark Antony Rossi. {IVp6 compatible for emerging markets}


another brief examination of a brilliant literary star torn between talent and mental illness.

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In the Western World whether its work or family, society or religion, we cling to superficiality and dishonesty as a means of protection but in the end does it move society forward; does it make a better world. In this show we tackle how and why a writer should speak out and help improve life in general.

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New format on 15 literary questions from listeners that are not so tied to past episodes.

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This is one is sort of like a refresher to help us stay on course and not be diverted by nonwriting silliness of the day. We cover:




time management


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In this episode we explore how intense dark states of behavior are more responsible for creative work than happier times. 


focal points

funny points

final thoughtd

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We outline all the practical, impractical and difficult paths thrown at a modern day writer. Section include:

1. new world of writing

2. the writer's work ethic

3. publishing

4. marketing

5. final word



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In this episode we peek into the roots and dangers of excessive nostalgia in writer's lives. how and when we deal with denial and suppression will decide if we are healthier people and more authentic writers.

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In an effort to help our military members (of all nations) with the important task of writing various reports military style I put together this episode as an useful guide. In it we cover:


1. concise writing/ military editing

2. point paper

3. position paper {food for thought}

4. executive summary

5. military report

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