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the memoir has become the fastest growing literary device in the past twenty years. in this episode we delve into some history, a few notable examples and the various themes of memoir like:





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Sometimes to be the fullest writer we need to take a step back and look at other forms of creativity. 

a. immerse in nonliterary arts like painting, video editing, music

b. explore other genres of writing -- essay, fiction, poem

c. live open as a writer; not closeted and fearful

d. market your work, your self in every possible way

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By sticking with the nuts and bolts of writing too many miss that fact that writing is about heart and soul, it's about risk and it's about living and making connections with yourself, others and the world at large.

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Evidence continues to mount that the arts has a true effect on helping and healing people. In this episode we will reveal some of the finds of:

writing therapy

music therapy

art therapy

And read excerpts from the upcoming book Art That Heals by Pierre Lemarquis (french language only -- for now)


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In this episode we examine the positive uses of solitude in various walks of life, the spiritual, the creative and internal quest.

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