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in the final episode for 2020 we go to the inspirational and lovely poet Maya Angelou, a full and rich life of a young black girl who went from abused child to presidential poet. 


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This episode is more like a friendly warning against various forces that seek to steal our voice because they are intellectually or morally lazy to question their own. Below are the segment titles for the show:

1. Family

2. Religion

3. Society


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In the third installment we focus on four writers who made the internal pledge to write and publish a major work meant to warn or possibly change the world.


Alexandr Solzhenitstyn -- The Gulag Archipelago

Elie Wiesel -- Night

George Orwell -- `1984

Sun Tzu -- The Art of War


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In the second installment of Germinal Joust, we explore projects meant for singular passion and often sole works of incredible but often tragic literary figures.

Anna Sewell -- Black Beauty

Emily Bronte -- Wuthering Heights

John Kennedy Toole -- A Confederacy of Dunes

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa -- The Leopard

Sylvia Plath -- The Bell Jar

Margaret Mitchell --- Gone With the Wind

J.D. Salinger -- Catcher in the Rye

Ross Lockridge Jr. --Raintree County

Ralph Ellison -- Invisible Man

Boris Pasternak -- Doctor Zhivago

Harper Lee --- To Kill a Mockingbird 

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In this three part writing series Germinal Joust will show how different functions and phrases of writing exist in creativity.

called vs adopted --natural and produced talent

time management -- making writing a priority

notes as a valuable creative tool

rituals as devices for comfort and building confidence



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Back again with the spotlight series and this one on the visionary sci-fi tv writer and legend Gene Roddenberry


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On this episode we will discuss the various writers and writings of people either imprisoned for their beliefs and writing from jail or imprisoned for their writings. 

Paul the Apostle

Martin Luther King

O. Henry

Henry David Thoreau

Marco Polo

Vaclav Havel

Marquis de Sade

Oscar Wilde

Nelson Mandela

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