The informative podcast of global arts and affairs from the perspective of writer, editor, traveler, military veteran and podcaster. Supportive. Instructive. Provocative. Hosted and Produced by Mark Antony Rossi. {IVp6 compatible for emerging markets}


In the final mailbag episode of 2020, we showcase more voices from the international community commenting on various episodes.

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An instructive episode of where Self, healthy or otherwise, fits into the creative equation of our lives.

1. Solitiude -- Selfishness

2. Attitude -- Narcissism

3. Platitude -- Achieving Balance 

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In a first this show will interview editors of a literary magazine (Bombfire Lit)

about their publication, editorship, flash fiction and poetry.



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This episode briefs discusses the American avarde garde poetry master John Ashbery.

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This episode focuses on the accomplishments of women in writing:


George Sand

George Eliot

Mary Shelley

Anna Akhmatova

Simone de Beauvoir

Isabel Allende

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Classic Spotlight brings us some thoughts and poems from Nobel Prize winning Mexican poet and writer Octavio Paz


The Man

The Artist

The Meaning

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In this episode we review examples of writing during war time and how depending on station in life, period of time or particular war -- the thoughts and details change to reflect interesting commentary

war writing intro

US Civil War -- letter

WWI -- war godmothers

WWII -- letter

Vietnam -- letter

Writers famous for wartime writing Rod Serling, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Ernest Hemingway, Irene Nemirovsky

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in this episode we have a fascinating discussion with Scottish poet Steve Lang about sonnets, writing, creativity in the corona age and more.

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