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There's been an overwhelming feeling in the artistic community for centuries that "madness" or what we now call mental illness plays a pivotal role in the lives of creative individuals.

Drawing from the latest studies on this question from the US, UK, India and Denmark as well as anecdotal evidence and famous artistic quotes I will attempt to bring us closer to understanding what the creative experience means inside and outside of mental troubles.

introductory statement

section 1 -- known science on the subject

section 2 --- various theories on the subject

section 3 -- my thoughts on the subject

closing comments




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On the heels of another military veteran suicide, I figure best to speak about the distractions and detours that can cause people to begin that long road of lost potential.

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In the long overdue followup to the toying with tangents series, this episode explains the deeper significance of science fiction in writing.


We Cover:


poetry & fiction

novelization with recurring themes of ethics, humanity, artificial intelligence, philosophy and religion.

authors: asimov, bradbury, clarke, verne, 

shows: star trek, babylon 5

movies: star wars, ET, 


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In another informative interview we discuss art therapy and writing with New Jersey-based licensed clinical social worker and writer Tammy Smith.

We cover the following topics:


Art Therapy

Writing in Medicine

Writing as Therapy





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In this in-depth episode we explore the facets of finding your writing voice in a complex and often contradictory society. There are three parts:


Your Voice -- the daily voice

Writer Voice -- the new language you craft through drafting

Artist Voice -- the type of writer you wish to be

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This hour long show will cover the basics of how and when you should employ an agent for writing. 


Novel Genre




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In this lengthy episode we explore the good, non-art, and bad parts of money in the arts. Can an artist or writer make a living? Should an artist or writer want to make a living doing art? These and other questions and factors are discussed:


Editors for Hire

Vanity Presses

Submission Fees

Contest Fees

Stage Rental Fees



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This is the fourth in the series of podcasts sharing emails sent from listeners or readers in conjunction with the show or the art journal Ariel Chart.

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