Strength To Be Human

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November 30th, 2019    

Episode 92: Classic Spotlight — Thoughts on Clive Barker

Another visit to the classics, in this case, a modern classic, Clive Barker, one of the first of many (I hope) that bring a literary flare to horror writing. We will discuss his Books of Blood, movies Hellraiser and Nightbreed and the joint interview book he did with Stephen King.

November 27th, 2019    

Episode 91: The Mechanics of Muse — What is Perseverance

The second installment in the series called the Mechanics of Muse describes the essential ingredient to propel talent into creative entities capable of carrying our metaphor, mask or message to the world. 

November 24th, 2019    

Episode 90: Vanity Insanity

The episode I have been meaning to record for some time. As the title suggests the act of vanity is an act of insanity. Hopefully, this show will bring you from the brink and help restore your path onto righteous writing and ethical conduct.

November 20th, 2019    

Episode 89: The Mechanics of Muse: What is Talent

This new series to ride out the rest of the year will focus on Talent, Perseverance and Discipline. In this episode is broken down in two groups, Born and Made. We will discuss the ups and downs of both situations and explore how talent is powerful but fleeting (kinda like love) and what we can do to keep it an essential part of our human essence.

November 11th, 2019    

Episode 88: Metal Future– Interview with Trey Saucillo

Spend the next hour with Texas-based rocker musician, songwriter and studio wizard Trey Saucillo. He will speak in detail about recording, the industry, his projects and the quest to Art, Self and the World in his music.

November 9th, 2019    

Episode 87: Rewriting and the Road to Renewal

At the very heart of writing is Rewriting. We put together a few steps to help create a process for rewriting that will inspire writers to engage rewriting and find renewal and ultimately success.

November 6th, 2019    

Episode 86: Interview with Michelle Young

STBH proudly welcomes to the interview segment, Canadian novelist and poet Michelle Young.

November 3rd, 2019    

Episode 85: Illuminated Path Series — Segment 3 — Ingredients to Make a Writer

In the final segment of the illuminated path series we learn about the major parts of building a writer through Organization, Work Ethic and Maturity.

November 1st, 2019    

Episode 84: Classic Spotlight — Thoughts on Harlan Ellison

In the continuation of our Classic Spotlight series, we select sci-fi master writer Harlan Ellison. An early civil rights supporter, Ellison fought Hollywood, publishers, even other writers to set legal precedent in the protection of copyrights for film, tv, print and digital arenas.