Strength To Be Human

Straight talk about Art & Artists. Weighing Creativity. Finding Humanity.

July 30th, 2019    

Episode 57: Classic Spotlight — Thoughts on James Baldwin

Our next focus is on African-American novelist, playwright and social critic James Baldwin. 

July 28th, 2019    

Episode 56: The Inside & Out of Writing Groups

In this long awaited episode I discuss the good and not so good aspects of being part of a formal writing group.

July 24th, 2019    

Episode 55: Writing is Fire Series — What is Writing

The final installment of the Writing is Fire Series launches into the many facets of writing, internal and external to show how vital, noble and powerful it can become.

July 22nd, 2019    

Episode 54: Short Bios — A Matter of Respect

In this episode I outline the significant reasons why and how a short bio should be included in your writing submission.

July 17th, 2019    

Episode 53: Writing is Fire Series — What is Short Fiction

In the third installment of the series, What is Short Fiction explores flash and short fiction, its structure, basic history, submission snafus, and others useful facts and observations.

July 16th, 2019    

Episode 52: Guest Haus Issue w/John Patrick Robbins — Introduction to Small Press Publishing

John and I discuss small press publishing. I have being doing the ebook side and John the print side. Be prepared for interesting stories and discussion on a popular subject.

July 9th, 2019    

Episode 51: Writing is Fire Series: What is Poetry

In the second installment of Writing is Fire Series, What is Poetry delves into poetry's ancient past as the first form of literature to its most recent internet innovations.

July 7th, 2019    

Episode 50: Interview w/Goguen & Rifenberg — Aftermath of Unstoppable By Design and Beyond

We bring back the creative couple Goguen/Rifenberg of the play "Unstoppable By Design" for a second audio performance to share the aftermath of the play and a few stories leading to the release of a novel of events also entitled Unstopped by Design.

July 3rd, 2019    

Episode 49: Writing is Fire Series: What is Playwriting

The first installment in July -- Writing is Fire Series. Playwriting one-act structure, submission process,  unique expectations and drama history is explored.

July 2nd, 2019    

Episode 48: Guest Haus Issue w/John Patrick Robbins — Writing Competitions

This episode John and I discuss writing competitions in general and the two major annual literary competitions Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.